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SMART Senior

Using our expertise in banking and personal finance, we have devised a range of cross-curricular modules and resources that can be delivered in schools by our staff.

Each module is designed to be as practical, useful and helpful to schools as possible. The modules cover the importance of budgeting and saving, how credit and debit cards work and the difference between buying and renting property.

The length of the sessions can vary and will depend on the amount of time you have in the classroom.

Our modules are:


Managing Your Money

  • The advantages of having a budget
  • How to create your personal budget
  • Tips for sticking to a budget
  • The advantages of having savings
  • Tips for saving money

Understanding Credit

  • How credit and debit cards work, how interest is calculated, how to avoid building up debt
  • The importance of going to a reputable bank and not a pay day loans company
  • How banks charge interest and make money from the money they lend
  • What repayments are involved and how to plan for them
  • Relevant illustrations and examples - e.g. how much an item they want to own costs / how much the repayments would be if paying monthly

Mortgages & Rentals

  • The differences between buying or renting property, and the pros and cons of each
  • What sort of house/flat they would buy - what sort of price and what repayments might be expected
  • Illustration using a recent NI salary survey for different types of job to give pupils a realistic expectation of what they might earn and what that will allow them to spend

Business & Entrepreneurship

  • The advantages and disadvantages of running your own business
  • Getting started
  • Drafting a business Plan – planning, research and budgeting
  • What repayments are involved and how to plan for them
  • Financing a business – raising money, understanding profit and loss, and managing cash flow

To get started, register your school here. This will give you access to the SMART interactive modules and resources.

Our local Danske Bank ambassadors will be happy to assist in delivering SMART in partnership with you. Click here to locate your nearest branch.